What is Citizens in Policing?

Citizens in Policing is the term used to describe the thousands of people across the UK who give up their time to support the police.

The role of citizens in policing is vital – volunteers increase the capacity of our constabularies, bringing valuable skills and expertise to police teams, creating closer and  more effective relationships with our communities. These people give up their free time to volunteer in a variety of policing roles for various reasons.

Chief Constable Dave Jones, national lead for Citizens in Policing, said: “The contribution that volunteers make to the police service is staggering. Every day, thousands of people across the UK give up their time to increase the capacity of police forces and bring vital skills.

“This is all about connecting policing to communities and communities to policing.

“They provide links to the communities in which we serve and help us to respond to the rapidly changing demand that we face.

“On behalf of constabularies across the country, I offer my thanks to our volunteer colleagues and hope that this site provides information and insight to anyone considering joining the policing family.”

Volunteer Roles Available Are:

Featured Image for Special Constables

Special Constables

If you would like to make a real difference in the community while gaining valuable skills, training and experience, and can commit to volunteering at least 16 hours per month, then the Special Constabulary could be for you.

Special Constables come from all walks of life and from every ethnic background, but they all share a desire to make their communities safer, more cohesive places.
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Police Support Volunteers

Could you spare a few hours a week to assist your local police force supporting officers and staff? You could be involved in manning police station front counters, general administrative work, offer professional skills, such as social media and marketing or working with those directly affected by crime in their area. Whatever your role Police Support Volunteers make a significant impact on the constabularies and the communities they serve.
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Police Cadets

Aged between 13 and 18-years-old and want to know more about policing? Then Police Volunteer Cadets could be for you. You will be provided with a uniform and undertake a structured training programme during weekly meetings before an attestation and passing out parade. Cadets will be given a unique insight into policing with the opportunity to visit different departments such as the Air Support Unit, Dog Section and Roads Policing.
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Affiliated Organisations

Police Forces and affiliated organisations work together every day to keep our communities safe. Each affiliated organisation specialises in an area which assists the police including crime prevention, pursing offenders, missing people or helping the vulnerable – they each play a vital part.

The benefits of volunteering

‘Connecting communities to policing and policing to communities’.

Across the UK, more than 32 million people aged 16+ volunteer at least once a year. In policing, around 16,000 special constables, 10,000 volunteer police cadets, 9,000 police support volunteers and 173,000 neighbourhood watch scheme coordinators give up their time to support constabularies in creating safe communities.

The benefits to policing include:

  • Greater community involvement in policing
  • Increased support for neighbourhood policing
  • Giving communities a voice and an opportunity to share responsibility for community outcomes
  • Greater capacity and resource to manage demand
  • Information and intelligence exchange between agencies and communities.

Whilst providing an invaluable service to policing, those volunteering also receive access to opportunities, skills and experiences like no other. It enables them to contribute to society, give back to their community and be part of a proud police family.

Start your career

Build your skills and CV

Spend more time socialising

Build your confidence

Give your community a voice

Improve your local area

Be part of something big!

Be a part of something big.
Being a cadet involves attending a weekly session. For me it is a Thursday evening. Every week we have an input on law and once a month we have a sports night. Sometimes we have talks from officers or staff from policing areas such as the Dog Unit. We have visits to police departments such as the custody centre and we assist at local events such as the Suffolk show and music festivals. Amy Laidler, Police Cadet

Featured Vacancies

Vehicle Maintenance Assistant

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield


Based at various locations across South Yorkshire, Vehicle Maintenance Assistant Volunteers will assist in the basic maintenance of Police v...

Skills Required

• The ability to work as part of a small team and on an individual basis • Flexibility,

Skills Gained

Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed, The opportunity to support your local Police Force,

Safer Roads Partnership Community Champion

Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield


The Safer Roads Partnership (SRP) is a multi agency group involving the South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, local autho...

Skills Required

enthusiastic, Good communication skills, to be able to work as part of a team,

Skills Gained

Ability to support your local Police Force, out of pocket expenses paid,

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