Employer Advice

The benefits of engaging in the ESP scheme includes:
• Enhanced reputation with local community
• Crime reduction advice
• Supporting the local community
• Transferable skills back into the workplace
• Staff development at little or no extra cost
• Improved staff wellbeing leading to reduced sickness levels and higher productivity from employees
• Leads to stronger positive feelings toward an employer when employee volunteering scheme is supported in the workplace
• Greater staff retention/lower recruitment costs

Employee Advice

Engaging in volunteering benefits employees; it can develop individual’s skills and boosts staff morale, leading to a happier employee.
Three quarters of volunteers say volunteering has made them feel physically healthier and lowered their stress levels which benefit not only the individual, but the employer and community too.

Our Stories

If you’re still undecided whether volunteering with your local police force is for you, or whether giving staff paid time off will benefit your organisation, then Our Stories will give you a first account insight into Employer Supported Policing.

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