Featured Image for Blog – Special Inspector Kyle Brown – December 2017

Blog – Special Inspector Kyle Brown – December 2017

Your latest Blog from your East Special Inspector, Kyle Brown, who covers the Newport & Monmouthshire areas.

Gwent Police Special Inspectors McLaughlin and Brown have very kindly shared their monthly blogs with the National CiP Website. Their blogs will be available and stored here after they have been posted onto the Gwent Police website.



Welcome to my first blog and more so the first ever Specials Inspector blog post for the East of Gwent. I am proud to be the East Specials Inspector and cover Newport and Monmouthshire. This is a recent change for me, one of which has been an interesting few months and I’m looking forward to the future.

Bit about myself… I am 22, work as a Digital Programme Co-ordinator full time and live in the Monmouthshire area. I am blessed to have a supportive family and great bunch of friends. What motivates me to give up my spare time is the satisfaction of knowing I have made a different in my communities, working together as one big team to achieve a number goals that effects everyone and also gaining valuable skills along the way. I would highly recommend becoming a Special Constable.

In short, the role of a Special Constable is to work alongside the Regular Police Officers (with the same powers) to assist in all types of duties. A few examples in Gwent: 999 Response, events, neighbourhood policing, Joint Response Unit.

Upon my promotion there was immediately 8 new Specials approaching the end of their training that needed to be allocated across the East. It was hugely satisfying to see more volunteers joining the policing family to give up their free time keeping our communities safe.

We have an amazing team of Specials covering Newport and Monmouthshire, in the last 3 months alone have dedicated over 2,505 hours. I have requests coming in all the time for more assistance at various events and senior managers asking me frequently ‘when can we have more specials in our area?’. It’s truly amazing to hear the feedback from their work.

The last 2 months we saw some key dates in the policing calendar these being around bonfire night and Halloween. Specials worked with Neighbourhood teams on Operation Bang across Newport to reduce anti-social behaviour and provide visibly. It was great to see team work and joint partnerships between ourselves, the Neighbourhood teams and South Wales Fire Service.

Specials across the force also work in partnership with the Welsh Ambulance Service to provide a Joint Response Unit (JRU). There are several officers in the east who worked across this busy period and definitely noticed the increase in calls but managed to cover a lot of the demand.

Newport town has busy nightlife, Specials are increasing working Friday and Saturday nights to keep everyone safe and ensure you have an enjoyable night. If you see one of them please say hello!

Christmas is coming, another busy period for us and another chance for us to make a different to the communities and teams we work with.


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