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Focus on Road Safety – Northumbria Police

Northumbria’s Special Constables organised and ran a policing operation focussing on road safety, to coincide with National Volunteering Week and National Specials Weekend.

The Specials targeted the four main causes of serious injury and death on the roads: drink and drug driving, speeding, using a mobile phone while driving and not wearing a seat belt. These are known as the ‘fatal four.’

The operation ran for six hours across two days at key locations where dangerous driving had been identified as a concern by local people.

The officers carried out speed checks and stopped and took action against anyone found committing offences.

Across the two days, the Specials stopped 55 drivers for breaking the speed limit. Of these, 25 were sent on speed awareness courses, 14 received fixed penalty notices, 11 were sent warning letters and one motorist was summonsed to court. Two vehicles were also seized during the operation.

This success resulted in the operation being repeated later in the year. This time, a total of 67 drivers were stopped, with 44 caught breaking the speed limit, nine found not wearing their seatbelts and three seen using their mobile phones while driving.

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