Featured Image for Global Coach Tours join Employer Supported Policing Scheme

Global Coach Tours join Employer Supported Policing Scheme

Geoff Monk, Special Constable and CEO of Global Coach Tours receives a ESP certificate of membership from Insp David Parker.

Global Coach Tours, a Derbyshire based company has joined the Employer Supported Policing scheme. Employees of the family run business will be eligible for up to five days a month paid leave to perform duties as Special Constables, the equivalent of two months a year.

Geoff Monk (left), the owner of the business and a Special Constable himself has a long history of entrepreneurism. Set up his first business in his native Nottinghamshire during his 20s, delivering pizza in the Mansfield area. Geoff now has 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, and has worked for multiple hotel chains across the world from Philadelphia to Brisbane. An early adopter, he launched www.globalcoachtours.com as an online business almost immediately after the internet took off, building the website himself. The company focus on booking specialist holidays, from adventure travel and niche touring.

“We focus on journeys that need a little more thought for the client. Our typical client wants more than your average fly and flop pool holiday. We provide a range of packages, including train and coach tours, but have real attention to detail, getting the little things that make all the difference right.”

As a Special Constable he is based in the High Peak area of Derbyshire. When Geoff is not running his business or volunteering, he likes to work as a film extra, and recently played a police officer in an episode of the BBC’s Father Brown crime series.

“I enjoy the personal freedom of owning a business and the variety of working for clients from all across the world. However, I wanted to do something adventurous that would allow me to meet more local people and make a contribution to my community. There is a long tradition of voluntary civic service in my family, and I think it is important to give something back. On top of all that I get to spend more of my time out in a beautiful area of the world.

When I was originally considering becoming a Special I was impressed by the diversity of roles available to volunteers in Derbyshire. Really, I enjoy the unpredictability of the role. Two shifts are never the same!

I see ESP as a win-win situation, which is why I have decided to take my business into the scheme. Employees become more aware of the law and acquire skills that can be brought back into the workforce. It improves morale and helps develop more well-rounded employees. On top of that the police get more support to keep Derbyshire’s community safe. It’s a no brainer!”

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