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John’s Special Role – Bedfordshire Police

Special Constable John Power has overcome Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and a double lung transplant to become the UK’s first ever Special Constable dog handler.

John was diagnosed with CF when he was only a year old. Throughout his childhood and teens, he endured several spells in hospital. In 2011, his health began to deteriorate due to the condition.

As a result, he took on a non-operational role with Bedfordshire’s Special Constabulary while still carrying out his day job in the Force Control Room – and awaiting a transplant.

While he was non-operational, John worked with two explosive detection search handlers and their dogs at Luton Airport. It was this experience which led him to explore the possibility of whether, as a Special Constable, he could specialise in this area.

In 2012, John received a double lung transplant, allowing him to get back on the beat. Once back to full health, John was accepted onto a training course with Charlie, a black Labrador. In 2015, John and Charlie successfully completed their training. The duo now conducts searches for explosives and carry out checks prior to visits by VIPs.

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