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National CiP Surveys

The national surveys for Police Support Volunteers and Special Constables are now live

The national ‘Citizens in Policing’ portfolio is undertaking an important piece of work nationally across forces in coming weeks, the second national survey of Police Support Volunteers and Special Constables, which will repeat the successful and influential survey we conducted early in 2016. The 2016 survey was the largest ever response to a survey undertaken with police volunteers, and has been instrumental in shaping our national strategy across Citizens in Policing.
The second survey will once again give voice to volunteers and Special Constables across the country, and will also help us nationally and locally to track progress.

The national survey links are attached below. The first one is for Specials, the second one for everyone else, with an extended closing date of Monday 30th April.




The national survey will help us paint a clearer picture of issues of diversity across Citizens in Policing. The data collected will also support the 19 Citizens in Policing pilot projects that we are currently running nationally.

If there is any support needed in completing the return, the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice will be happy to help. If you have any further queries in relation to this please feel free to make contact with the National Citizens in Policing team.

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