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National Volunteers’ Week Update

An overview of events celebrating National Volunteers’ Week across several forces.

We have been celebrating National Volunteers’ Week this week (1-7th June 2018) and forces across England and Wales have been organising events and activities to highlight the contribution their volunteers make, and to thank them. Here’s a brief overview of the week across some of the forces so far, with plenty of other events occurring which we hope to feature soon. Keep an eye on the CiP website latest news section (https://www.citizensinpolicing.net/news/) for upcoming updates, plus previous posts including the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service that Staffordshire Cadet Leaders and Greater Manchester Police Specials and Cadets received, which is the volunteer equivalent to an MBE and great recognition.

Nottinghamshire Police held a pop up event with their new CiP Gazebo on 5th June at Police HQ, inviting volunteers to drop in for a cake and some freebies and thanking them for their volunteering support. It was also an opportunity to meet with contacts through the force to spot opportunities for new volunteer roles.

North Wales
North Wales Police held their Award evening for their Central Division Cadet Units, West Conwy Coastal (WCC) and the Denbighshire Coastal and Abergele (DC&A) units, this week on Tuesday 5th June 2018. The evening was to celebrate the achievements of the Cadets from WCC completing their two year cadetship, along with 6 Volunteer Leaders receiving Superintendent Sian Beck’s commendations for giving their time to the Cadet program.

After the ceremony the Senior Cadets (below with North Wales Police CiP lead Chris Perkins) served refreshments to the guests.

Also present was the Vice Principal Kevin Potts from Coleg Llandrillo, who kindly allows the usage of their facilities for running the cadet meetings.

North Wales Police were also able to welcome 5 new volunteer leaders to their Central cadet Units, and are expecting to grow in the near future as there is currently a recruitment window open for two new cohorts of Cadets at both Units.
Wiltshire Police
 On Friday 1 June, Wiltshire’s Chief Constable Kier Pritchard put some new recruits through their paces as he invited two of Wiltshire Police’s incredible volunteers to join him as Chief Constable.
Throughout this week the Chief Constable, among other members of the Executive Leadership Team are taking the opportunity during national Volunteers’ Week to meet with a number of people who give up their time to help the Force in keeping their local communities safe.
Jeremy Grew and Edward Stoner both volunteer through WorkFit, the Downs Syndrome Association programme. The programme supports adults with Downs syndrome into work related activities such as paid work, volunteering, work experience and traineeships.
Jeremy volunteers in the driver training school at Devizes HQ and Edward volunteers with the Wiltshire South Community Policing Team in Salisbury.
During the morning, both Jeremy and Edward took the opportunity to find out more about the role, filmed and interviewed the Chief, as well as spending some time in and around Devizes HQ.
The tour included congratulating Wiltshire’s newly recruited officers who are due to complete their training in the coming weeks, as well as visiting the garage workshops, stores and Horizon. Their visit was topped off with a short ride in the Chief’s car.
Chief Constable Kier Pritchard said, “It was a real pleasure to invite Edward and Jeremy to join me in being Chief for the day. The support they give to us as volunteers is off the scale. Both young men are of massive value and an inspiration to everybody in the Force.

“I want to say thank you to both Edward and Jeremy for joining me as Chief and for their continued efforts they make as volunteers.
“Our doors are always open to people of all different backgrounds and we as an organisation can build on the strengths and talents of all individuals within our communities.”

Devon and Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall Police have designed and purchased eye catching lanyards which they have distributed to their 650 volunteers over the course of the week, alongside a bespoke thank you postcard. The volunteers loved them, especially the bright colour which features the D&C CiP logo. Below are three volunteers from Devon and Cornwall wearing their new lanyards: Devin Clark – Volunteer Cadet Leader – Exeter (right) , Ian Rickard – Volunteer Cadet Leader – Plymouth (left), and Nigel Virgoe – Volunteer Driver in Plymouth (centre).

Dorset Police
Dorset Police held their Special Constabulary and Police Support Volunteers Appreciation Event 2018 on Sunday 3rd June, celebrating the commitment given by special constables and police support volunteers to supporting policing in Dorset.
A number of awards were given on the appreciation event day including;
The Confirmation of Appointment certificate was awarded to 6 special constables.
In 2017, Special Constabulary recruitment re-opened after a temporary freeze. This award celebrates the first intake of special constables to join since the re-opening and to congratulate them on passing their phase one training and confirm them in the role of Special Constable.
In 2017, special constables gave over 30,000 hours between 110 officers performing over 4,200 individual duties. Police Support Volunteers themselves gave over 9,000 hours in a variety of different roles performing over 2,500 duties.

The Long Service medal was presented to two specials for 9 years’ service. Overall a total of 42 pin badges were given for three years’ service, 12 for six years and 9 ten year pin badges were also given to police support volunteers

John Hannan was one of two specials who received the long service medal. John joined Dorset Police in 2008 and since then he has performed a variety of different roles serving as sergeant at Winton, Inspector at Poole and now Superintendent of the rural area. John is still an active member of the Special Constabulary playing a vital role in the leadership and now leads on most of the recruitment and engagement related work.

The Unsung Hero award was received by one police support volunteer and eight specials. This new award was created to recognise valuable contribution that often goes unrewarded.


There’s still some exciting events coming up this weekend, including:

• Hampshire’s annual pub quiz to thank volunteers

• Warwickshire and West Mercia – Annual Alliance Volunteers Conference to thank volunteers #UMakeADifference

• Merseyside –  A local councillor accompanying Specials on an insight shift


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