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Operation Chilly – Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour – Avon and Somerset Constabulary

In early 2016, anti-social behaviour became a large scale issue in areas of South Gloucestershire. Every Friday and Saturday night, many calls were taken from residents reporting large groups of young people causing a nuisance which was escalating into crime and disorder. With the issue scoring highest on the Threat, Harm and Risk Matrix for the entire Force it required immediate action.

Local policing teams were already stretched answering other calls for service so they turned to the Special Constabulary. A weekly operation was run to provide high visibility presence and to deal with anti-social behaviour. Special Sergeant Jake Haskins, who had close ties with the beat team, was tasked to lead this and Operation Chilly was born.

Deployments included marked vehicles, foot patrols and push bikes to get around the pedestrian lanes. Dispersal Areas were put into effect by the Neighbourhood Inspector, which allow police to move people on from an area where there is persistent anti-social behaviour.

The operation resulted in a massive decrease in anti-social behaviour in the area. Offenders were dealt with for offences ranging from breaching dispersal notices to criminal damage.

The success of Operation Chilly resulted in the team winning Regional Specials Team of the Year 2016, and it will serve as a working template for future policing operations.

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