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Special Constable and Student Yoseph Elogab Case Study

Case Study of Yoseph Elogab, studying for a degree in Social and Political Sciences at the University of York and volunteering as Special Constable for North Yorkshire Police.

My name is Yoseph Elogab, I am 22 years old and I am a student at the University of York – studying for a degree in Social and Political Sciences. During my spare time, I am a special constable for North Yorkshire Police, stationed out of Fulford Road Police station, York.


Why did you choose to become a Special Constable?

I chose to become a special constable during my studies so that I could have a better understanding of the police and the role of a police constable, I thought this would help me decide whether it was a job I would want to do after finishing university.

What’s been your favourite experience of being a Special?

To be honest, the whole experience has been something that I have enjoyed and I don’t think there is one moment that stands out because it’s all been an amazing experience. Whether that’s blue lighting to an incident or been involved in different events throughout the city; it’s all been extremely rewarding.

What do you think you have gained from being a Special?

I think being a Special has massively increased my confidence in the workplace, it has taught me how to converse with people to resolve incidents and has generally increased my knowledge of the world outside of student life. It even helped me to secure the placement that I wanted during my undergraduate.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to join the Police and Specials?

Just get on and apply, I was a little worried about applying because I didn’t think I have the life experience required to complete the role. However, I soon found that lots of things can be relevant to the application, whether that’s playing on a sports team, being part of a society or even just working – so get involved in as many things as you can!!

Has volunteering impacted upon your life as a student?

I’d say when volunteering you have to put the time in to train and learn things relevant to your role, but this has fed back into University course. I don’t think it’s effected my social life too much, other than when I choose to work a Saturday night shift which are always exciting. I think it’s important to try and keep a good balance the same with anything really.
Would you recommend volunteering to other students? 

100%, its taught me everything I hoped and more, it’s been a great way of experiencing new things and networking. So even if you decide what you’re volunteering in isn’t something you want to do as a job, you can still leave it with new skills and friends.

What is your future goal when you finish studying?

I plan to stay in York and work full-time as a Police Constable, working as a special has taught me that it is something I would really like to do full-time.

Do you hope to keep volunteering in the future?

Yes, I think If I get the job as a PC I would like to start coaching basketball again. If I don’t I’ll definitely stay working as a Special Constable!


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