Featured Image for BTP Specials – up for the main event

BTP Specials – up for the main event

British Transport volunteers make sure we all travel safely – especially on those “big event” days.

The rail network is a favoured means of travel for people to get to sporting occasions and events ranging from concerts to air shows, marches and horse races.  These can bring significant numbers of individuals onto the networks, with the risk of crime, disorder and safety concerns.

British Transport Police Specials take ownership of some of these events and come together as a group to plan and provide the policing response for them.  This includes senior Specials taking on event commander roles and the whole team liaising with event organisers, rail staff and, of course, the travelling public.  Recent events where this has been done include the Boat Race, the Lytham Festival, the Ride London cycle event and we have also had serials (groups) of Special Officers taking responsibility for the policing of certain parts of much larger events like the London Marathon or the Epsom Derby (pictured).

Event policing really showcases the work of volunteers within the British Transport Police, and make a real difference to keeping the public safe and the network running.

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