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The Civil Society Strategy Consultation

Civil society strategy: have your say
The Office for Civil Society (OCS) and the Home Office are consulting on the Civil Society Strategy and would like your thoughts on this to help build a stronger civil society.

The OCS is developing a strategy which will consider new ways for the government and other partners to work with (and for) civil society, it will look at challenges and how to solve these, and how to unlock opportunities to build a stronger society now and for the future.
The strategy will create a framework for effective collaboration between the Government and civil society to face problems and solve the most pressing and complex issues.

To shape this Strategy, the OCS want to hear from a wide range of people from across different sectors. Three main priorities have been highlighted by the Home Office: Tackling serious violence, Domestic Abuse Bill, and Safeguarding and vulnerability in charities. You can help to develop further ideas or areas to focus on by having a conversation with your members, community or other interested parties and feeding this back to the OCS.

The strategy conversation is framed around four high level themes –  Civil Society, People, Partnership and Place.

Civil Society – This theme is about the big questions of what civil society is, how it is working well and what needs to change to strengthen it further.

People – This theme explores how more people could be empowered to take action on issues that matter to them.

Partnership – This theme explores the best ways to work in partnership across sectors to create social good and have a positive impact across society.

Place – This theme explores how we empower local people to improve the places they live and work in and to have a say in how they are run.

This toolkit explains what questions to discuss, what formats might be useful and how to feed your conversations back to the OCS.


Please share your thoughts via the online platform by 9AM on 22nd May. To take part or find out further information, go to www.gov.uk/ocs

If you haven’t already, please spread the word to anyone else who may be interested in taking part.

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