Police Forces in England and Wales

There is a police force covering every geographical area of England and Wales. Some of these forces cover miles of rural landscape, while others are more densely populated and home to some of the UK’s major towns and cities – with each force providing volunteers with a unique insight into policing.

Use the links below to find out more about your local force and the volunteering opportunities available to you.

Logo for Norfolk Constabulary
Norfolk Constabulary

Norfolk Constabulary polices an area of more than 2000 square miles, including 100 miles of coastline. The county is home to the city of Norwich and its main towns include King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth. However, the county is...

Logo for North Wales Police
North Wales Police

There are three types of volunteers at North Wales Police – Special Constables, Police Support Volunteers and Cadets, who often work alongside each other in a team approach. Becoming a volunteer within North Wales Police is an excellent opportunity...

Logo for North Yorkshire Police
North Yorkshire Police

Volunteers in North Yorkshire Police are overseen by the Citizens in Policing Team, which is responsible for their recruitment, training, management and deployment. The team manages the Special Constabulary, Police Cadets, Police Support Volunteers as well as having responsibility...

Logo for Northamptonshire Police
Northamptonshire Police

Northamptonshire Police is a police service of 1220 police officers based in the East Midlands and is responsible for policing a population of 700,000, covering 913 square miles. The Force is a strong supporter of volunteering and welcomes members...

Logo for Northumbria Police
Northumbria Police

Volunteers in Northumbria Police play a key role in reassuring communities – and give the Force additional capacity to deliver quality policing services across the area. Northumbria’s volunteers help the police engage with diverse communities and bring a range...

Logo for Nottinghamshire Police
Nottinghamshire Police

Volunteers in Nottinghamshire Police cover a wide range of activities to help the police keep the county safe. The Citizens in Policing team work hard to ensure that there are a wide range of vacancies to support force priorities....

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