Police Forces in England and Wales

There is a police force covering every geographical area of England and Wales. Some of these forces cover miles of rural landscape, while others are more densely populated and home to some of the UK’s major towns and cities – with each force providing volunteers with a unique insight into policing.

Use the links below to find out more about your local force and the volunteering opportunities available to you.

Logo for South Wales Police
South Wales Police

South Wales Police offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities.   The force sees volunteers as an essential part of the policing service it provides for local communities. It is looking to increase and strengthen its volunteer schemes and...

Logo for South Yorkshire Police
South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire offers a range of opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer to help keep their community safe. The Special Constabulary gives volunteers the chance to learn about policing on the frontline and gain new skills while...

Logo for Staffordshire Police
Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police covers a diverse area which has both urban and rural communities. There are more than 250 Special Constables helping to keep Staffordshire safe.  Some support their police officer colleagues in carrying out patrols in communities across the...

Logo for Suffolk Constabulary
Suffolk Constabulary

Suffolk Constabulary polices a population of more than 700,000 people living in a largely rural area. It has a coastline which stretches from the resort of Lowestoft in the north of the county, down to Felixstowe in the south,...

Logo for Surrey Police
Surrey Police

Surrey Police serves a population of 1.15 million covering an area of 642 square miles and is the most densely populated county in the south east of England. Surrey’s roads carry almost double the national average amount of traffic...

Logo for Sussex Police
Sussex Police

Volunteering at this force Sussex Police serves the counties of East and West Sussex and the city of Brighton & Hove. Millions of visitors, holidaymakers, students and seasonal workers swell the resident population of 1.63 million people, and 39...

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