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Volunteering at this force

Cambridgeshire Constabulary aims to make volunteering a rewarding, challenging and positive experience, working as part of team committed to making a difference.

The Constabulary recognises and values the contribution volunteers can make to support the delivery of policing. It aims to not only increase the number of volunteers but also their capability through training. It will also expand the number of roles available to volunteers in order to harness the ever growing number of people who want to contribute to improving their neighbourhood. This will allow committed volunteers to contribute to the Constabulary’s early intervention, problem solving and crime prevention style of policing.

There are 220 Special Constables supporting a range of policing activities across Cambridgeshire. Specials provide a vital link between the police and the diverse communities that make up the county. They help the force keep the county safe while increasing the public’s confidence in their local force.

85 Police Support Volunteers carry out nearly 50 different roles and young people volunteer through seven Cadet Schemes.  The excellent work of the Constabulary’s volunteers is celebrated each year at the annual Safer Cambridgeshire Awards where they are awarded with one and three year service pins and Commendations for their outstanding contribution.

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Special Constable

Three Cambridgeshire Specials received commendations for their contribution to a force operation.

Commendations for Specials – Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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