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Volunteering at this force

Volunteering opportunities within Cheshire Constabulary provide exciting and rewarding ways to support Police Officers and Police Staff in making safer communities across the county.

There are a number of ways to get involved and become a part of their policing family, providing crucial support to teams right across the force.

The Police Support Volunteer (PSV) programme welcomes members of the public to assist in a wide variety of police support roles. Approximately 130 volunteers carry out a diverse range of duties including administrative and clerical roles, road safety support and marketing. New opportunities and partnerships are regularly explored and a recent collaboration has been made with Reaseheath  College, which sees volunteers helping out with the police dog kennels.

The Police Cadet Programme provides an opportunity for young people aged between 15 and 18 to be part of the Constabulary, giving them an insight into community policing.  The programme has been designed to help the Cadets develop key life skills that will help prepare them for the future, so provides information and practical activities on policing, but also offers lessons in skills such as CV building, presentations and public speaking. There are three cadet units based at different locations across the county and the programme leaders welcome applicants from all areas of the community.

Special Constables are central to the Constabulary’s volunteer program and contribute to day-to-day policing, as well as to specialist areas of investigation, with training opportunities available in areas such as searching and interview skills.  People from all walks of life are encouraged to consider joining the Special Constabulary. In 2017, a number of recruitment campaigns are planned to help promote the significant benefits of volunteering in this way, and a particular focus will be made on Employer Supported Policing and the positives it can bring to employees and organisations.

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Why did you become a police support volunteer? I had considered joining the Special Constabulary but was unable to pursue this.  I met a senior police officer at an event and mentioned this to her as part of our conversation.  She explained that there are many other ways to get involved with policing as a...
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