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Cleveland Police offers local people three ways of getting involved with their local force through volunteering: the Special Constabulary, Police Support Volunteers and Police Cadets.

The force has had Specials for many years and is always looking to recruit more of them, to work alongside its police officers and Police Community Support Officers.

Its Police Support Volunteers scheme is, however, relatively new. Volunteers cover roles including administration and vehicle checking but the force is looking to expand and develop the activities they can perform.

There are around 100 Police Cadets in Cleveland, aged between 13 and 16. They take part in a varied programme which includes focuses on community safety, taking part in physical activities and developing new skills.

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Cleveland Police Cadets have been helping local people living with dementia by organising social events – and raising awareness of the Herbert Protocol. The protocol encourages carers, families and friends of people with dementia to hold information about them that can help the police find them if they go missing. All of the Cadets have...
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Police Cadets Help Dementia Sufferers – Cleveland Police

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