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Volunteering at this force

The role of the volunteer is developing continuously at Cumbria Constabulary – with increasing opportunities to work either on the front-line or in vital support service teams.

Under the banner of the Constabulary’s ‘Citizens in Policing’ programme, Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers bring skills, talent and local knowledge to help the force continue to deliver an excellent policing service to local communities.

Special Constables play a crucial role in fighting crime and making the streets safer. Specials come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life and form a vital link between their community and the Police Service. They support their regular colleagues in policing local communities by running dedicated operations to tackle community issues, supporting response policing and assisting with the policing of major events such as Kendal Calling and Appleby Fair. Cumbria also has Cyber Specials who work in the Constabulary’s Digital Media Investigation Unit where they assist with investigations and provide advice on software and technology.

Police Support Volunteers help in a wide range of roles and departments. For example, they assist with the work of the Constabulary’s High Tech Crime Unit; they support a project focussing on young people who are missing from home; they have roles in both the Business Improvement and Public Protection Units; and they support the Bike Safe initiative, which aims to keep motorcyclists safe on the roads.

The roles performed by Police Support Volunteers are being increasingly specialist. The force is particularly interested in recruiting people with backgrounds in safeguarding, policing and IT – but wants to hear from anyone who has the time and commitment to make a difference to their local community.

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Travellers and gypsies have held a horse fair at Appleby-in-Westmorland since 1685. Each June, Appleby’s population of 2,500 swells to 30,000 as people gather to celebrate the week-long event.

Policing the Appleby Fair – Cumbria Constabulary

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