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Volunteering at this force

Gloucestershire Constabulary has around 200 voluntary members including Special Constables, Cadets and Police Support Volunteers.

Within the Constabulary there are 121 Special Constables, and the force looks to increase that number to 310 by 2019. Over the course of a year, the Special Constabulary has volunteered in excess of 35,000 hours and arrested more than 250 offenders.

The Constabulary run a Cadet scheme, with around 70 members across the county, which aims to promote a practical understanding of policing amongst young people and to support local policing priorities through volunteering. A quarter of their cadets are from a ‘vulnerable’ background and represent the diversity of the area.

There are also a number of Police Support Volunteers in the Constabulary who give their time, energy, skills and experience to add value to the work of police staff. These roles can vary from a joint independent audit committee member to being a volunteer archivist.

Volunteers are key to the Constabulary, dedicating their free time on top of their regular careers and personal lives to support policing. They help the Constabulary deliver their priorities and improve their services, making real benefits for partners and communities.

Gloucestershire Constabulary has the ultimate aim of creating a blended workforce of officers, staff, PCSOs, Special Constables and volunteers with the right skills to provide the right service for the public.

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Gloucestershire’s Special Constabulary plays a crucial role in fighting crime and making the streets of the county safer. Specials come from many different backgrounds and walks of life and form a vital link between their community and the police service Specials often take key roles in the delivery of Constabulary initiatives and campaigns. This includes...
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Specials helping to improve road safety – Gloucestershire Constabulary

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