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Volunteering at this force

Humberside Police provides policing services to the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire. The force area covers 1,357 square miles with approximately 133 miles of coastline in the east of England.

Volunteering within the force focuses on a range of areas and comprises of Special Constables, Community Safety Volunteers and the recently re-launched Cadet Programme.

Special Constables are an established part of the Humberside policing family and support Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers on Community Teams and Night Time Economy Teams.  Once they are fully trained and working independently, they can offer their time to specialist roles such as the Operational Support Unit, Roads Policing and Ports Protection.

The Volunteer scheme was first established in April 2008 to encourage members of the community to consider getting involved in policing. In January 2013, Humberside was the first service to directly collaborate and share volunteers with the fire service. Together they deliver crime prevention and fire safety advice, which has proved successful in making communities safer and in providing volunteers with the opportunity to gain valuable experience from two public services.

Recently they trained volunteers in the specialist area of ‘scamming’ and fraud. These volunteers now visit victims to offer them advice, a support service that the force would not always be able to offer without their volunteers.  They also have specially trained wildlife volunteers who assist their wildlife officers adding extra support to rural communities.

Working with partners and with the voluntary and community sector, they are always looking for ways to improve pathways for volunteers into Humberside Police. Humberside volunteers give their energy, creativity and time unpaid to assist policing. The Constabulary sees it as very important to recognise and respect the contribution they make. Annual recognition is given to all volunteers internally, and many volunteers are nominated for external rewards for their outstanding achievements.


Police Cadet
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Special Constable

Humberside Police has joined forces with a number of local agencies to launch a new scheme in Humberside.  ‘A Safer Place’ aims to help those with learning difficulties, dementia or who are generally vulnerable, by protecting them from being bullied, harassed or becoming confused while they’re out shopping.

Safer Place Scheme – Humberside Police

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