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Volunteering at this force

Volunteers in Lancashire Constabulary play a significant role in reassuring communities while helping to promote social responsibility. They work with volunteers from other public services which form the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership helping to reduce vulnerability and keep people safe and well.

The Constabulary offers a wide range of opportunities to volunteers, each can make a positive difference to people’s lives. Some of the roles offered to volunteers include assisting front line activity while others work with vulnerable people, making them stronger and re-engaged in their local community.

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership brings together public service volunteering and shares a vision for how volunteers can support local communities. The partnership aspires to be truly inclusive to represent all aspects of our community, welcoming applications from anyone who strives to make a positive change.

The Lancashire Volunteer Partnership also supports Neighbourhood Watch which engages with communities to help keep people safe and also providing support in times of crisis.

The Lancashire Special Constabulary works alongside regular police officers to provide front-line, uniformed support. Special constables also often work on planned, large-scale events such as high profile visits, protests and sporting events

Young people interested in policing in Lancashire have the opportunity to join a cadet programme. The scheme has the moto ‘Let’s go out and do some good’ which demonstrates exactly what youngsters achieve from taking part. It is an excellent way for young people to be supported and encouraged to engage in social action.

More information about the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership can be found by visiting: https://lancsvp.org.uk/.

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