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Volunteering at this force

Volunteering opportunities at Merseyside Police are wide ranging and offer something for every member of the community.  A large number of volunteers give up their time to support the force, and their ambition is to increase this number, welcoming  volunteers from all sections of the Community.

Members of the public can donate their time to Merseyside Police in four ways; by becoming a Police Support Volunteer, a member of the Mini Police, a Police Cadet or a member of the Special Constabulary.

Police Support Volunteers help the force by carrying out direct work with members of the public and work ‘behind the scenes’, such as in specialist roles using cyber skills in the High Tech Crime units. Other volunteers work in administration support, Community Speed Watch and road collision aftermath coordination.

The Mini Police is a pioneering initiative that the Force has launched in collaboration with Durham Constabulary, involving junior school children from a number of schools in areas that have suffered gang violence.  The project looks to help police engage with children at a young age and divert them away from crime. The children are provided with a police uniform and attend a programme of events as ‘Mini Police’. These include community events, crime prevention events and awareness campaigns such as road safety projects.

Young people from the age of 16 can join the Cadet Scheme, which offers a weekly programme of supervised inputs, extra- curricular activities and community events. Being a Cadet provides the young people with skills and experience for the future that can be used in the workplace and community.

Special Constables are fully warranted Police Officers who volunteer to provide extra support and resilience to regular officers and their teams. Specials commit to a minimum of 16 hours per month and work on response teams and local policing, as well as an increasing number of specialist departments such as roads policing and crime investigation.

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For over 20 years, a group of volunteers have worked as Homewatch Co-ordinators in the Sefton area.  The Co-ordinators have set up a number of schemes to provide reassurance to the local community and to provide support, policing information and crime prevention advice. The team have built up excellent relationships with local people and often...
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Homewatch Coordinators – Merseyside Police

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