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Norfolk Constabulary polices an area of more than 2000 square miles, including 100 miles of coastline. The county is home to the city of Norwich and its main towns include King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth. However, the county is predominately rural.

Norfolk has some 250 Special Constables, 130 Police Support Volunteers and a growing number of Police Cadets. The volunteering family also includes Neighbourhood Watch teams in towns and villages across the county as well as Speedwatch schemes, where volunteers help the police discourage motorists from speeding.

The Special Constabulary is fully integrated into the regular force.  Most Special Constables are based at districts across the county and help their regular colleagues respond to calls for assistance and patrol local communities. Special Constables work in the Roads Policing, Rural Crime and Licensing teams. There is also a Special Constabulary Public Order Unit. All members of the Special Constabulary receive regular training to develop their skills. This includes training which enables them to perform specialist roles.

Police Support Volunteers are an integral part of the Constabulary.  They carry out roles which free-up officer time including car washing, assisting with student police officer training, monitoring CCTV and helping out at police stations.

Norfolk’s Police Cadets assist the police with various initiatives in the community as well as events including the Royal Norfolk Show, town fairs and carnivals.


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Norfolk’s Special Constabulary has a team dedicated to tackling rural crime. The Operation Randall team was established in 2016 and is made up of Special Constabulary officers who have an interest in tackling rural crime, and is led by officers who have a farming background. The team works with the Specials on Horseback team, which...
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