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Volunteering at this force

Volunteers in North Yorkshire Police are overseen by the Citizens in Policing Team, which is responsible for their recruitment, training, management and deployment.

The team manages the Special Constabulary, Police Cadets, Police Support Volunteers as well as having responsibility for forging links with other voluntary organisations in the area.

It aims to not only create a wide range of volunteering opportunities but also involve volunteers in developing the services provided by the police to local communities.

The Team is responsible for developing roles that use volunteers’ skills to maximum effect, while ensuring that they get the support, supervision, training and personal development that makes giving their time satisfying and worthwhile. It must also ensure that new volunteering opportunities are introduced to support the ever-changing world of policing.

There are currently more than 120 Specials working across North Yorkshire – and the force has just recruited a further 100 volunteers to work alongside regular officers in local communities.

Police Support Volunteers number over 160 – and they perform more than 30 different roles to help the force.

For younger volunteers, there are two Police Cadet schemes based in York and Scarborough.


Police Cadet
Police Support Volunteer
Special Constable

North Yorkshire’s two Police Cadet units are run by volunteer Cadet Leaders.

North Yorkshire Police Cadets

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