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Volunteering at this force

Volunteers in Northumbria Police play a key role in reassuring communities – and give the Force additional capacity to deliver quality policing services across the area.

Northumbria’s volunteers help the police engage with diverse communities and bring a range of skills and experience which help develop services.

Already, there are many ways in which volunteers can become involved with the work of Northumbria Police. However, the Force wants to increase opportunities for volunteering, to harness the ever-growing number of people who want to contribute to improving their community.

Volunteering opportunities include the Special Constabulary, which sees Specials working alongside regular officers in neighbourhood and response policing teams. There is a well-established Police Cadet scheme, where young people take part in a four-year scheme which develops their skills through a wide range of activities. There are also Community Speed Watch volunteers who assist with road safety in their local communities.

Northumbria is developing further opportunities for volunteers. These include introducing a Mini Police section for children, recruiting Police Support Volunteers to work in areas such as digital technology and creating new roles for Special Constables, so they can make a greater contribution by working alongside officers in specialist areas such as the Marine Unit.

The Force is also looking to introduce an Employer Supported Volunteering scheme, so that staff can be given the time and opportunity to volunteer.

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Latest vacancies with this force

Special Constable



Joining the specials opens up a world of opportunity for personal and professional advancement....

Skills Required

Communication Skills, Leadership Skills,  Ability to confidently deal with and communicate with people,

Skills Gained

expenses, Personal Support and Advice, Sports and Social, Travel,

Northumbria’s Special Constables organised and ran a policing operation focussing on road safety, to coincide with National Volunteering Week and National Specials Weekend.

Focus on Road Safety – Northumbria Police

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