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Suffolk Constabulary polices a population of more than 700,000 people living in a largely rural area. It has a coastline which stretches from the resort of Lowestoft in the north of the county, down to Felixstowe in the south, which is home to the largest container port in Europe.

Volunteers play a key role in the work of the Constabulary. Suffolk offers voluntary roles in most areas of its organisation and ensures that volunteers are appropriately trained and made to feel part of the team.  This commitment to volunteers is an integral part of their Police and Crime Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan.

The county has low levels of crime and the Constabulary focusses on keeping its communities safe. Volunteers make a significant contribution to this aim.

There are more than 150 Special Constables working alongside regular officers in towns and villages across the county, covering a wide range of front-line policing roles.

In addition, there are more than 180 Police Support Volunteers who contribute by, covering a range of roles such as, operating CCTV cameras, taking part in role-play training scenarios and supporting the Constabulary’s fleet transport team. Police Support Volunteers are also helping the Constabulary meet new challenges by taking on more specialist roles in areas such as the Cybercrime Department. They also help keep rural areas safe through the Volunteers on Horseback scheme, which encourages horse riders to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police when out on a ride. They report back any suspicious activity, anti-social behaviour, damage or rural crime issues to their local policing teams and also through a new PSV role ‘Local Policing Volunteers’ these LPV’s are Tabard wearing members of their local community who are empowered to report anything unusual or suspicious to their Local Policing Command, they have direct access to their LPC and are also given local intelligence to assist them in reporting around area of concern.

The Constabulary looks to recruit officers, staff and volunteers that reflect the communities they serve and encourages volunteers from under-represented, diverse backgrounds to consider applying.

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Police Support Volunteer Ros Griffin, has been volunteering for Suffolk Constabulary since the summer of 2015. As a Volunteer on Horseback she is the ‘eyes and ears’ of the countryside, and as a Role Player she assists in the training of student officers, providing real life scenarios and preparing them for active duty. Ros states that she first...
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