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Surrey Police serves a population of 1.15 million covering an area of 642 square miles and is the most densely populated county in the south east of England. Surrey’s roads carry almost double the national average amount of traffic and its 62 motorway miles includes the busiest stretch of the M25. Surrey’s crime rate is 29% less than the England average.

Volunteering in Surrey Police provides invaluable support to policing activity in a number of different ways; this enables officers to target their own policing to pursue offenders, protect vulnerable people and prevent crime and disorder.

Surrey Police has over 120 Special Constables and 100 Police Support Volunteers. The Volunteer Police Cadet (VPC) Scheme was launched in 2016 and the Force now has six units each with capacity for up to 30 cadets.

As part of its Citizens in Policing Strategy, the Force looks to unlock the value of volunteering and strengthen community engagement by maximising the opportunities available for volunteers to contribute to policing in Surrey. By embedding a culture of volunteering and working with partners, Surrey Police aims to build a diverse volunteer workforce that reflects its communities and helps to deliver the Force priorities.

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Surrey Police’s Community Events Team brings together 15 enthusiastic and dedicated Police Support Volunteers, who contribute to the Force’s community engagement activity by representing Surrey Police at community events across the county. At each event, the team spends time with people of all ages to promote the work of Surrey Police and to provide information...
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Community Events Team – Surrey Police

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