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Volunteers in Wiltshire Police play a key role, bringing experience and skills from business and industry, along with local knowledge. Volunteer roles within the Force include Special Constables, Police Support Volunteers and Police Cadets.

The Special Constabulary is an integral part of Community Policing Teams across the county. Specials not only take part in patrol and community duties alongside police officer colleagues but also run their own policing operations. Wiltshire Police wants to recruit more people to its Special Constabulary, with the aim of having 500 Specials.

Police Support Volunteers increase diversity and widen the breath of skills, knowledge and experience available to the force. Wiltshire Police offers a wide range of roles for Police Support Volunteers, including Cadet Leader, Call Quality Appraiser, Rural Crime Support Volunteer, Schools Liaison Volunteer, Watch Scheme Processor and Volunteer Chaplain. Volunteers help staff police information points and are involved in the Bobby Van initiative, a home security service for elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Nearly 1000 volunteers help run a variety of watch schemes and act as the eyes and ears of the police to help reduce crime. Watch schemes in the county include Community Speedwatch, Lorry Watch and Farm Watch. The force continually looks to develop community volunteer roles so that more people can get involved in keeping their county safe.

There are four Police Cadet units running in Wiltshire. Cadets are aged 13-18 and follow the national cadet programme, gaining skills including first aid and learning how to use radios and the phonetic alphabet. The Cadets support Community Policing Teams, working with them to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. They are supported by Police Support Volunteers who deliver weekly training sessions and support their welfare and learning.

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Restorative justice brings together victims and offenders of crime to help repair harm caused and find a positive way forward. Police Support Volunteers play a key role in providing a restorative justice service across Wiltshire. Volunteers can act as Restorative Justice Facilitators and receive training for this specialised work where they provide an independent, non-judgemental,...
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