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Police Support Volunteer

Business Engagement Volunteer – Dorset

All sorts of people volunteer, across a wide age range, with a variety of different backgrounds, skills and life experiences. Basically, a Volunteer is a non-uniformed member of staff who assists at police stations or administrative centres conducting a variety of roles.

The role of a Volunteer is designed to enhance the work of the police and provide additional support in the area where the Volunteer lives or works. This is even more crucial now with the introduction of Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs). NPTs are about local policing; police and partners working with the community, to identify and tackle issues of concern within your neighbourhood.

All Volunteers assist police and staff who are then able to concentrate on core policing duties. As a result there are more officers on the streets and improved community support.

Although you will not be paid a salary, your volunteering role should not leave you out of pocket. You can claim expenses for travelling to and from your place of duty, meal allowance if you work more than four hours together.


To provide support to the Business Engagement Inspector and the local command team in ensuring that any actions and/or initiatives implemented with Business partners are implemented and reviewed, and is a contact point for business engagement volunteers that may be appointed across the Force Area.

Required skills:

– Good communication and interpersonal skills, including a confident telephone manner

– Attention to detail, particularly spelling and grammar

– Integrity, reliability and self-discipline

– Ability to plan and prioritize

– Good IT skills

Skills you need:

• Good IT skills
Attention to Detail
Communication Skills

Skills you will gain:

Benefitting your community
Gain skills and experience
Travel Expenses

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