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Police Cadet Leader

Cadet Leader

As a Volunteer Cadet Leader, you will assist with the running of the Volunteer Cadet Scheme. The role will include:

• supervising cadets at the weekly cadet nights taking care of the cadets welfare and safety
• attending community events with the cadets and taking responsibility for their welfare and safety
• ensuring that all cadets utilise DutySheet to reply to event invitations and record their duties
• assisting with the delivery of the BTEC programme
• travelling on minibuses with the cadets to other venues when required
• assisting in other Districts and at the joint cadet nights held at the Lifewise Centre when required
• assisting with the development and delivery of session plans to provide the cadets with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the police service
• assisting with the development and delivery of interactive scenario based activities to develop the cadets team building, problem solving and communication skills
• acting as a role model to encourage all cadets to act with integrity and understand that their actions always have consequences when associated with the police service whether that be in a positive or negative way
• ensuring that all information relating to cadets remains confidential
• ensuring that all issues relating to safeguarding or the welfare of a cadet are brought to the attention of the Community Safety Manager or Cadet/Volunteer Project Officer at the earliest opportunity
• ensuring that the Cadet Leader role is carried out with integrity and professionalism at all times
• ensuring that all mandatory training associated with the role is completed in a timely manner

Skills you need:

Excellent communication

Skills you will gain:

Opportunity to support your local Police Force
out of pocket expenses paid
training provided

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