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Police Cadet Leader

Cadet Leader – Nottinghamshire

Could you help young men and women to fulfill their potential? Inspiring and guiding police cadets towards a successful future – potentially as Specials, PCs, PCSOs and Police Support Volunteers – is a hugely rewarding activity.Whether you are retired or in full or part-time work and you have spare time to volunteer, you’ll have valuable skills and experience that will help cadets prepare for their future careers.


What’s involved?


As a cadet leader, you are volunteering your own time to be part of a team that works with our Volunteer Police Cadets based throughout Nottinghamshire.Cadets meet one evening a week to gain insight into the various departments within the force, learn a range of skills and take part in community and sports activities.They also volunteer for four hours a month to assist the police in attending public events, delivering crime prevention advice and general public engagement initiatives.

 What does a cadet leader do?


Principle Base Leader 

As the principle base leader, you will be responsible for:

•Maintaining order and discipline on your base.

•Allocating key duties to other leaders.

•Upholding health and safety regulations.

•Attending meetings on behalf of your base.

•Supporting cadets in future recruitment opportunities; and

•Ensuring cadets are aware of all volunteering opportunities.




Base Leader

As a base leader, you will be responsible for:

•Assisting the principle leader to carry out their duties

•Keeping all base records correctly, which includes keeping track of correspondence, files, and updating records.

•Arranging the provision of transport for all base activities and ensuring the base complies with all Health and Safety regulations; and

•Ensuring that Risk Assessments are in place for all base activities along with other general administration duties.


Drill/Ceremonial Officer

As the Drill/Ceremonial Officer, you will be responsible for:

•Maintaining the standard of dress for cadets and leaders at your base.

•Dealing with any disciplinary matters

•Assisting the principle leader in selecting cadets for ceremonial parades to represent the police cadets and the force as a whole.

Skills you need:

Communication Skills
Organisational Skills

Skills you will gain:

Benefitting your community
Inspiring others
Support and training

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