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Community Speedwatch Coordinator Volunteer (Ref: 115)

Community Speed Watch Groups. Lincolnshire Police and the LRSP are looking to expand the current Community Speedwatch programme and encourage local people to actively participate in speed reduction. The role will support communities across Lincolnshire to address concerns about speeding by monitoring and collating information about those drivers who exceed the speed limit. This will allow targeted education on the “fatal four” to help reduce the impact and consequences of speeding on communities across the county.

We are looking for motivated dependable volunteers who can assist Lincolnshire Police and the LRSP to develop Community Speedwatch

Working with the Central coordinator and Local Policing Teams to support Community Speedwatch Groups by:

  • Training Community Speedwatch members in recording procedures.
  • Being the point of contact for Community Speedwatch members.
  • Liaison with the LRSP county Community Speedwatch Coordinator.
  • Completion of administrative tasks.
  • Assessing each identified speed monitoring site for suitability.
  • Ensuring compliance of the Community Speedwatch procedure document.

Skills you need:

Attention to Detail
Organisational Skills
Work as part of a team

Skills you will gain:

Benefitting your community
Gain skills and experience
Training and Support

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