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Police Support Volunteer

REVIVE Volunteer (Ref: 74)

REVIVE Volunteers will provide a vital service, being a point of contact between the Police and vulnerable persons in their local communities. On referral they will listen to local people, identify where there are gaps in provision and where further crime prevention measures are necessary to prevent ongoing victimisation.

They will also be aware of the importance of gathering intelligence and promote and encourage those who have been victims of crime to report such incidents. They will also provide support and reassurance and is a vital link between the community and the local Police teams and will free up officers time for other duties.


Tasks will be varied , but may include:

Being a point of contact in areas with high numbers of residents considered a high risk of becoming victims.

Liaising with Victim Support and other support agencies

Taking referrals and carrying out reassurance visits

Giving crime prevention advice and information

Liaising with local policing teams and gathering information on their behalf

Raising awareness of hate crime and promoting third party reporting of hate crime

Signposting victims accordingly

Liaising with Lincolnshire Police Equality and Diversity Officer and Community Safety Department

Skills you need:

Communication Skills
Good Listening Skills

Skills you will gain:

Benefitting your community
Training and Support

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